Samuel Eto’o: ‘I’d rather sell groundnuts in my village than to play for a pathetic team like Chelsea’

Posted by - August 30, 2013 - Chelsea, Quotes, Spain

It sounds like nut salesman jobs in Samuel Eto’o’s village have been hit by the global economic crisis because he has opted for the lesser option of playing for Chelsea.

Remember those heady days of 2005 when the needle between Chelsea and Barcelona was at its height? Barca star Samuel Eto’o waded in on the row with a quote that would come back to haunt him.

At the time he said: “I’d rather sell groundnuts in my village than to play for a pathetic team like Chelsea.”

Of course, he signed for the “pathetic” Blues yesterday.

  • japhet

    People keep records, I think we need to be smart in talking.

  • Ugo justice

    In a feat of anger or provocation, people may tend to make erratic statements. I remember that even Eto’o also said then that he hated Mourinho because of the Anders Frisk saga at Nou Camp and Barcelona FC’s trashing at Stamford Bridge. But times have since healed his wounds as he has gone on to play under the special one. He chose to play for CFC as a result of the love and relationship he has forged with Jose from Inter Milan. We all are wont to make rash statements in our lifetime. The press also offer retractions when it goofs. Period.

  • Stonecold

    Just you wait, when Chelsea get into a fight with bayern, madrid, anybody in the champions league , then he will say ” better to sell nuts than to play for a pathetic team like bayern “. Spur of the moment, just like suarez attempted bite incident. Why do we have to make a big deal of these things ? Just shows they are fiesty and fighters. Unlike some dull lazy footballers. The media is like a gossipy ex-girlfriend.

  • Tresher

    Barcalona already back then saw Chelsea as their major rivals so obviously players from opposing sides will say something like tha-yes Eto is on the childish side but people change as do matters in everyday life

  • Chelsea Blue

    libel. 1) n. to publish in print (including
    pictures), writing or broadcast through radio, television or film, an
    untruth about another which will do harm to that person – Eto’s layers will be in touch with youi as there in NO proof apart from what scousers have dreamed up No paper TV station has this untruth x

  • Parklane

    The reason why thick footballers should keep scthum

  • Snorlax

    He never said those words. Try to look the quotes up. It never existed before some random Gooner on an Arsenal forum claimed he said that. No credible source has ever quoted Eto’o saying that in 2004. Good job spreading lies and nosense.

  • Dean

    Chelsea continue to try and buy their trophies and buy a player who’s completely disrespected you saying he’d rather give up football than play for Chelsea and you still sign him lol.

  • BajanRed

    Let’s see if the Chelsea knuckle draggers treat him as shabbily as Rafa, without whom they would not be in the Champions League!