Video: Brendan Rodgers says Liverpool now have Man Utd levels of consistency

Posted by - August 31, 2013 - Football videos, Liverpool, Manchester United

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers says his side are now showing the sort of consistency you would expect from champions Manchester United.

The two sides meet at Anfield tomorrow, and Rodgers has been comparing their recent records.

He said: “The big thing for us was consistency. And from when we played them in January, we played 18 Premier League games each to this point now.

“They’ve won 11 and we’ve won 10. We have drawn six games and they have drawn five and we’ve both lost two games.

“So over the course of that period from mid-January they’ve made two points more than us, which I think shows – and obviously they became champions – and for us it’s really the case of continuing with that consistency and if we can do that then I think we can compete with anyone.”

  • chris O’connor

    He fails to mention the fact Man Utd took the foot off the peddle because the Premiership was already in the bag well before the seasons end,but hey!He can dream can’t he !!