Video: Spurs keeper Jordan Archer’s drop kick howler (England U21 6-0 Scotland U21)

Posted by - August 14, 2013 - Football videos, Tottenham

Tottenham’s Scotland Under-21 goalkeeper Jordan Archer made a name for himself in unfortunate circumstances with this howler in last night’s 6-0 drubbing by England Under-21s.

Archer attempted to restart play with a punt upfield, but his drop kick was sliced horribly.

The ball looped up to Connor Wickham, who had the easy task of lobbing the ball over Archer and into the net.

  • Michelle

    I do remember Pat Jennings making a howler also very early in his career and look at how he finished up.
    There isn’t a keeper n the world who has not made one or more blunders although some like Walker(ball changed direction when it hit a turf patch) are never allowed to forget it.
    Banks and Shilton made some howlers also. Ask any Leicester City oldie.
    This one is not the best one: the guy who smugly picked up the ball as the “9” approached then kicked it and it sliced at him, hit the surprised “9” on the chest and bounced straight into the goal was the best one: the look on his face …….big argument over “own goal” or not.