Brendan Rodgers: Luis Suarez is no longer Liverpool’s main man

Posted by - September 16, 2013 - Liverpool

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says Luis Suarez cannot expect to be the club’s “main man” when he returns from his 10-match ban.

The Reds have been flying in Suarez’s absence and Rodgers has made it clear that in-form striker Daniel Sturridge is very much on level pegging with the Uruguayan.

He told the Sunday Mirror: “Neither Luis or Daniel will be the main man. This isn’t the type of club for egos. It’s a club where players get told where to play.

“We don’t mollycoddle them here. They are all expected to come in and do a job.

“If they want to be the superstar, if they want to be the individual, then they can go elsewhere. It’s about the team here. We know what strikers are like, but I don’t think it’s an issue with either Daniel or Luis.

“People were talking about Suarez making us a one-man team last year and I kept saying that wasn’t true. Luis himself didn’t think like that and when he comes back, we’ve got another world-class player to fit in the team.”

World class might be a bit premature for Sturridge if you’re saying they’re on level pegging, Brendan, but we’ll take your point.

  • Billious

    Of course he’s world class. But you Mr Parker wouldn’t know world class if it landed on your head.

  • Jonny Deep

    “World class might be a bit premature” REALLY???? Wow.

  • offthepost

    Updated to clarify. Meant with regard to Sturridge.

  • villez

    SS!!! YNWA

  • maran

    Rodgers ask Gerard is Suarez wirkd ckass player or not. Don’t speak wird that later you have to swallow it. If Rodgers say Suarez is not the main man why say he worth £100 million. Don’t act smart that Sturridge is scoring goaks you don’t need Suarez.

  • vegguy

    wisest thing Rodgers has ever said. Sturridge is a plus. Suarez drags the team down by being so low class and controversial. I’d take Sturridge over Suarez in a heartbeat.