Chelsea striker Fernando Torres on trying to combine being a footballer AND an economics student

Posted by - September 6, 2013 - Chelsea, Oddballs

Fernando Torres has been discussing combining life as a professional footballer with studying for an economics degree. Apparently, it’s not really feasible.

The Chelsea striker tried to go to university while already a member of the Atletico Madrid first-team. He stuck at his degree for six months before deciding he had taken on too much.

He told the Chelsea website: “I remember my first day at university when I tried to study. I was studying business and economics in Madrid. I was already in the first team at Atletico so a lot of people were surprised to see me there.

“It was an enjoyable experience; I used to finish training, go straight to university and then arrive home late, so after the first six months I had to finish.

“It was too difficult to combine football and studying but it was a nice time, there was a good atmosphere between all the students and I made some good friends who I’m still in contact with now.”

And Torres is still not ready for the student lifestyle because he now loves getting up early in the morning.

He added: “The easiest thing for me now is to wake up every morning. It used to be difficult for me when I was younger but now I like to wake my children up, prepare their breakfast and get them ready for school.

“When I was young I used to wake up as late as I could, have a nap in the afternoon, which is very Spanish, and then go to bed early.

“It used to be very difficult for me but now I like it when the alarm goes off and I can go and wake my kids up.”