Roy Hodgson: Tottenham youngster Tom Carroll is outstanding

Posted by - September 10, 2013 - England, Tottenham

England manager Roy Hodgson has branded Tottenham midfielder Tom Carroll as “an outstanding footballer”.

Hodgson has seen the youngster at close quarters while working with the Under-21 squad. And he singled the 21-year-old out for praise to illustrate a point he was making about Rickie Lambert.

The Southampton striker has been misjudged throughout his career because he lacked blistering pace, claims Hodgson. He thinks many people in football, including himself, have failed to look past Lambert’s lower league targetman looks to see how good he actually is.

And he thinks Carroll might also become a victim of people judging a book by its cover.

He said: “In football we go down roads sometimes and say ‘This is what a centre-forward should look like’. Sometimes we forget that you can still be a good centre-forward or right-back or centre-half without having those qualities.

“Let’s take a classic example, if we were looking at Bobby Moore today and saying ‘What has our centre-half got to be like?’ we’d say: ‘He has to be very athletic, very fast, very quick on the turn and recovery and come out with the ball from the back and beat people’. A lot of people would say ‘He can’t do this, that and the other’.

“Perhaps in the past we were [more] kind. The great Tottenham team with Dave Mackay and Danny Blanchflower, there were lots of things they couldn’t do. But there were things they could do and we admired them and built them up for the things they could do. Sometimes I think we are a bit quick to say, ‘Well, he is not quick enough not big enough strong enough.’

“The boy Tom Carroll is an example for me. In the Under-21s, I worked with him for a week and saw him play and he is an outstanding footballer. But people say he is very slight, he’s not very big, he’s not strong. That’s what we tend to do these days.

“Perhaps Rickie is someone who has come into that category. They have watched him and then found a fault, ie he can’t run like Theo Walcott.”

  • davspurs

    The same can be said about Tom Huddlestone big 6ft3 and labeled slow like an Oil Tanker yet he was a stand out against Man City and Chelsea. With is sublime passing he keeps the ball moving forward at Speed meaning defenses are backpedaling and short in Numbers.

  • DDS

    I wonder Roy was trying to be ironic when the factual degree of his describing Carroll was that he is “outstanding” but “very slight, he’s not very big, he’s not strong”.

    Roy Hodgson is a “good manager” but “tactically defensive, unimaginative, unable to inspire, kinda funny to listen to”.

    Huh, I can do it too.

  • Liam

    Look at the Spanish team. The old adage in England, especially when I was playing at a young age, was that the big bulky kids got preference over smaller players. I still think this is the case in England and the mindset needs to change.

    The best player in the world is a midget ( no offence messi! ) Tom Carroll is mustard, an absolute gem and I have followed his progress and to be honest AVB should have kept him at Spurs as we could have given him game time this year.
    C O Y S

  • Dan

    Davspurs. Please! he was clumsy on the ball and found players from the top teams would anticipate his moves. He is the Hoddle of the The championship, far too cumbersome for the swift play of Tottenham Hotspur. I must say though dav, his injuries and, the timing of them, halted his career at Spurs. Was glad he left and good luck to him.

  • JImmy Pardeux

    I think strength is a myth. It’s not a contact sport. 90% of the time you’re not touching another player. And anyways the small are agile. TOM CARROLL IS A BEAST!!

  • Bertibus

    AVB and the coaching staff were absolutely right to loan out Carroll. He’ll get a full season of football instead of the few cameo appearances that he would have secured at Tottenham. They’ve kept him on the books because he’s well regarded. In addition, the club has also been patient with him, as he has been quite slow to develop, and both he and the club will benefit one way or the other.

  • Vlad the inhaler

    ‘He can’t run like Theo Walcott,’ No, but he can pass the ball a damn sight better. Walcott couldn’t pass wind leave alone a ball correctly!

  • Daniel James

    Its funny. Wenger said he didn’t sign Modric because he was too small. Look how they turned out. It’s not just an English disease.