Top 10 reasons why Sunderland are mad to fire Paolo Di Canio

Posted by - September 23, 2013 - Lists, Sunderland

1. They’ve just allowed this bloke to sell arguably their best two players over the summer.

2. They’ve also allowed him to sign more than a dozen players for whom just about the only thing they have in common at the moment is that Paolo Di Canio wanted to sign them.

3. They went to the hassle of tarring themselves with his fascist brush for the sake of a few months.

4. Like him or not, you get the impression Di Canio would have got the Black Cats up the league or died trying. Literally.

5. There must more than a few Sunderland fans regretting knee-slide tattoos this morning.

6. The Black Cats have played five games. That’s all. Surely when you allow a manager to sign 14 players you’re not expecting that best of starts to a season.

7. Ellis Short might need a ‘fuse’ adding to his name. Six managers in five years doesn’t exactly bring stability to the club.

8. It seems that his poor relationship with the players might be a major reason for his sacking. Surely Sunderland did a quick bit of research to see how he got on with people at Swindon before hiring him.

9. They’ve sacked a lunatic in the knowledge that only someone crazier than him would now take the job.

10. As well as his pay-off, they’ll have to now pay for new locks when he breaks in to take stuff.