Training ground intruder threatens to kill Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard

Posted by - September 15, 2013 - Liverpool

A crazed fan scaled the fence at Liverpool’s Melwood training ground before hurling abuse and death threats at Steven Gerrard.

The Reds skipper initially ignored the man, whose hands were covered in anti-vandal paint from climbing the barrier around the training ground, and continued practising free-kicks with Philippe Coutinho and Simon Mignolet.

An eye-witness claimed the man shouted: “I know where you live, you p***k’ and ‘I’ll burn your f***ing house down.”

As the insults became more personal, Gerrard attempted to confront the man, who is said to be in his late thirties or early forties and was dressed in jeans and a dark zip-up jacket.

Liverpool assistant manager Colin Pascoe stopped Gerrard from approaching the intruder, while kitman Lee Radcliffe ran to confront the man.

The man yelled “I’ll kill you and your kids” towards Gerrard before riding off on a bicycle as Radcliffe approached.

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  • Billious

    It was probably you threatening Stevie G, it’s one of your favourite tactics. You also can’t make a comment without insulting LFCs management, players and owners.

  • dean jones

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