West Ham striker Andy Carroll out with ‘ballerina’ injury

Posted by - September 14, 2013 - West Ham

The injury that threatens to ruin Andy Carroll’s World Cup hopes and West Ham’s season is one usually suffered by ballerinas, not footballers.

That’s according to Hammers boss Sam Allardyce.

The former Newcastle and Liverpool striker does so much jumping that he has picked up an injury that is more common among ballet dancers and basketball players, claims Allardyce.

He said: “From my research, this is an unusual injury for footballers. It probably revolves around people like ballerinas and basketball players because of the bounding side of it.

“What caused Andy’s injury in the first place is his leap – he leapt up high for a ball against Reading on the last day of the season and landed.

“All of a sudden, ‘crash’. He’s felt something in his foot again and that will make him feel pretty low for a while. But he has to battle through that and we will look after the psychological side as well as the physical side.”

Carroll suffered a tendon injury during his first training session back from another 16-week injury layoff.