Manuel Pellegrini lifts Roberto Mancini’s bans on music, purple and even numbers at Man City

Posted by - October 18, 2013 - All News, Manchester City, Oddballs

Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini has reportedly ditched three strange bans imposed by predecessor Roberto Mancini.

The Daily Star reports that Mancini had banned music before and after games, barred players from wearing the colour purple and stopped meetings that started at even-numbered times.

A club insider told the newspaper: “There’s a joke going around this place that United can start calling us the ‘noisy neighbours again if they like, because at least now the boys can play music.”

The source added: “He was unbelievably superstitious and completely lost his temper when a batch of the training bibs and jackets were purple.

“He said it was an unlucky colour and he didn’t want them anywhere near the place. He also said meetings scheduled to take place at an even-numbered time were unlucky, especially on the hour.

“We couldn’t believe what we were hearing – at first it sounded like a wind-up but then the horrible realisation kicked in.

“As for the music ban, Mancini said the players wouldn’t be able to concentrate if a song was in the background, even though our opponents had their stuff blaring out down the corridor.

“Once he had his way this place was like a morgue. We have returned to the real world at last.

“The new manager actually talks to the players and staff, which is something that didn’t happen for three years under the last guy.

“Joe Hart can wear his purple jersey without fear of another fall-out, meetings can take place on the hour, and Liam Gallagher can once again be heard ringing out before kick-off.”

  • karloz teffes

    We have returned to the real world at last…………….I do hope this is not a player who’s talking!