Video: Juventus’ Arturo Vidal performs the worst ever dive and worst ever cross simultaneously

Posted by - October 24, 2013 - All News, Champions League, Fail, Football videos, Italy

You’ve got to hand it to Juventus star Arturo Vidal. He decided if he was going to make a fool of himself in last night’s game against Real Madrid, he would really go to town.

The Chile international completely messed up an attempted cross and instead delivered a thunderous kick to the Bernabeu pitch.

Not content with his disastrous efforts, Vidal then theatrically flung himself to the ground and had the audacity to appeal for a penalty.

That’s despite the fact that there were no Real defenders anywhere near him at the time.

  • Peter

    Well done Rob Parker for acting as a sheep and re-posting what the commentators told you last night. Had you bothered to research before posting this video however you would know that infact Vidal was kicked on the build up and when he went down thats what he was pointing back to. Slow motion replays on italian Tv proved contact was indeed made with the defenders last step between his right foot and the back of Vidals right heel. Its a shame people are not forced to research properly before labeling a player as a cheat