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Spurs line-up Jurgen Klinsmann as AVB replacement

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  • John McNally

    Something needs to happen very quickly if we are to achieve at least forth spot.
    The new talent needs to be playing in their correct position and given a chance.
    Defoe has had is day and needs to go for the sake of Club, Team and Fans. COYS

  • Jim

    why anybody thinks a team of strangers still gelling will get top 4 is beyond me? It is almost certain not to happen, but why does anybody expect any different??

  • Dexter

    When the article starts with ‘the daily mail claims’ you know what’s to follow is going to be rubbish.

  • Bob

    I think that most fans are concerned with the team set-up. AVB operates a
    safety first approach -not the Spurs way. The use of wingers would be great to
    see and I am sure when that happens we will discover what that man Soldado
    can really do.! Looking at his many goals for Valencia most were scored as a

    result of wing play from his team mates. In any event the next two games against the two Manchester biggies will help to define our season in no small way.

  • Loulilywhites

    It will come, were creating the chances so .. TTID 😉

  • GeeOPee

    Great now I have to root for the Spurs to finish 4th.

  • TheBull

    Utterly bs content in this article. First of all, there was hardly used a penny this summer, mostly all of it Bale money. Second of all, no chairboard would demand top 4 the first season of a new squad. Next season would be more likely, and by then I’m quite sure all the AVB haters have seen the light or started supporting Arsenal. Third, we are doing good even though it’s not 100% yet so no need to think plan B managerwise.

  • True Lillywhite

    Absolute rubbish article clearly written by an opposition fan to stir up the idiotic boo boys that expect a new team to undermine experienced teams. Wake up we spent £100 million just to cover the loss of Bale, nothing more. If you want to support Man City or Chelski go ahead, leave Spurs to the true Lillywhites. If you know anything about forming a new team you would be proud of their achievements so far, including one of our best stars to the prem .

  • vandeewine

    “The timing could be right next summer”??? You mean, like, immediately before the World Cup? Yes, that would be perfect timing because I’m sure Klinsmann would like nothing more than to undermine all the work and effort and time he has put in building the US squad so far just so he can take a job halfway around the world from his family so he can be in a league where they fire their managers yearly. Gee, who wouldn’t want that?

  • Pablo J

    Diego Simeone would be my first choice, such an interesting approach, would be great to see him head the gradually forming spurs side. Especially with the development of Lamela in the squad

  • BoneStarr

    Well this is silly, because we WILL get champions league football next season, we have to, the team will come together at the right time. We are starting to see hints of it, and maybe another signing in the summer will be the final piece to the puzzle. Its a lot of players in a very short space of time and considering, we are doing pretty well.