GIF It: Did Man City’s Samir Nasri give himself a serious knee injury vs Newcastle?

Posted by - January 13, 2014 - All News, GIF It, Manchester City, Newcastle United

It looks like Manchester City will be without Samir Nasri for some time after he sustained what looked like a serious knee injury during yesterday’s win over Newcastle.

The extent of the damage is yet to be confirmed, but City are expecting the worse.

Manager Manuel Pellegrini said: “Nasri has, I think, a serious injury. It was absolutely a red card.

“It’s bad, but we will see on Monday how serious it is.”

It’s difficult to argue with Pellegrini’s assertion that Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa deserved a red card for his cynical foul, but we’re wondering if that’s what caused the injury.

Nasri’s left knee seems to suffer quite an awkward landing on the pitch before Yanga-Mbiwa touched him. No doubt the impact that followed didn’t help, but was the damage already done?

  • leeyiankun

    What are you smokin?

  • Alan

    WTF you on about ya clown?? He kicked him right across the knee with excessive force, the only intent to injure. Let see if all the dxxk head calling for De jongs head will mention the vileness of this tackle don’t hold your breath, and unlike the Newcastle retards City’s fan will not act like those retards! Both Cabye? And Williamson should have also walked.

  • offthepost

    As the article says, it should have been a red card. We’re just wondering aloud whether the damage is done when Nasri appears to get his studs stuck in the turf before any contact is made.

  • DW

    Saying that the intent was to injure is ridiculous although it’s clear that he did intend to bring him down. As for not acting like a “r…..”, I think you just did. If you’re going to cast aspersions over the intelligence of others, at least write in decent English sentences.

  • Dean

    Would like to come to Alan’s house kick him twice in the knee and see if it was the carpet that did the damage. You sir are an idiot.

  • bigbri

    Cant see the studs catching the turf and landing awkwardly as the writer says. The damage was done with the newcastle players left leg smashing into nasri’s left knee. Just watch as nasri’s left knee jerks to his right and slightly backwards after the newcastle player kicks him down.