Sports Stars in Casinos

Posted by - January 23, 2014 - Betting

What’s the most you’ve ever lost in a bet? Ten pounds? A hundred maybe? How about two hundred thousand US dollars? That’s how much golfer star Phil Mickleson lost when he demanded that a game of golf with a $1 stake be upped to the amount in question. He isn’t the only one either, a great many sports stars are also well known for their high stakes gambling, with some winning big, and others losing even more. have undertaken research into the high rollers who operate within the sporting world.

It wouldn’t be an article about sports stars without talking about Tiger Woods, would it? Woods is arguably one of the most famous figures in sports at the moment and his penchant for gambling is well known. When he visits Vegas, he often spends up to $250,000 per hand at Blackjack.

Another golfer who is notorious for gambling is John Daly, who, according to his memoir, My Life In and Out of the Rough, revealed that in 2005 he lost $1.5 million playing slot machines.

Of course, it’s not only big losses that are well known. Boxer Floyd Mayweather Junior is known for his high stakes gambling, going as far as to post six-figure betting receipts online for all to see. In interviews he has claimed to have won over $1 million betting on things such as American football and basketball.

It’s not only the Americans who bet big though – British sports stars also have a reputation for betting large amounts of money. Defender Jonathan Woodgate, was reported to have lost £1.8 million in casinos. Former Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester City midfielder Didi Hamman, managed to rake up gambling debts of nearly £600,000 before legal action forced him to pay it back.

These though are small potatoes when it comes to gambling, though. A million dollars doesn’t seem too high, not when compared to the $10 million which Charles Barkley claims to have lost over the years. Michael Jordan is also infamous for gambling, although his losses can’t compare to Barkley’s.

So the next time to have to hand over a couple of pounds, or lose your ten pound Saturday football bet when Rooney doesn’t score, think back to the big sports stars and the figures they’ve managed to lose over the years.