Photos: Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger falls over at Liverpool Lime St Station

Posted by - February 9, 2014 - All News, Arsenal, Oddballs

Arsene Wenger probably thought he had suffered enough humiliation for one day after Arsenal’s 5-1 defeat at Liverpool – but fate had other ideas.

As the Gunners boss made his way though Liverpool Lime Street station on his way to catch the train back to London, he tuck a tumble and landed on his backside.

The 64-year-old can be seen grimacing in pain, but is soon helped to his feet by two officers from British Transport Police.

A club spokesman told the Mirror: “He’s fine.”

  • deejay

    He was clearly trying to ‘cut corners’ again

  • Tom J

    The way the whole British media and much of the public are highly amused by a 65 year old man falling over and suffering pain is a reflection of our disgustingly disrespectful society at all levels. Shame on you cretins

  • CommonSense

    How is this news? Why does no one smack in the face whoever is taking the pictures instead of healping an older man, I would’ve!!!

  • Pansy potter

    No it was nt funny to see an elderly man fall like that he really could have hurt himself. Oh and by the way imam a avid liverpool supporter


    Not at all funny..
    Them scouser’s do anything for some loose change,
    They should know better then that.
    As there’s no chance of wenger dropping any POUNDS here.


    What really happened…

  • ary

    you are a disgrace..


    All Good things come to an end.