Video: Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho says refs give everything in Man City’s favour

Posted by - February 1, 2014 - All News, Chelsea, Football videos, Manchester City

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has cranked up the mind games ahead of Monday’s meeting with Manchester City by claiming that referees always give the crucial decisions City’s way.

The Blues boss insists this is purely coincidence but thinks Manuel Pellegrini’s side have been very lucky so far this season.

He said: “And I want to make it very, very clear that for me is just a coincidence and nothing else than a coincidence but the reality is they have many crucial decisions in their favour. They are lucky.

“Against Liverpool, the (Raheem) Sterling ‘goal’. The penalty on (Luis) Suarez. Against Newcastle the goal that is a clear goal. Against Tottenham, (Michael) Dawson’s goal, the penalty, the (Danny Rose) red card. They are having everything.

“I repeat, because I don’t want to be misinterpreted – just pure coincidence. The referees, they try to do their best and sometimes they make mistakes and normally during the season the mistakes are split between teams.

“In (City’s) case, they have everything in their favour but it is just a coincidence.

“The team is very good, the players are very good and I repeat the manager is doing a good job with them.”

  • Blue_Bugle

    If it’s just coincidence then why rant on about it. He’ll be saying next that City are luck because Chelsea couldn’t beat West Ham.
    Time to take a holiday at your local asylum Napoleon.

  • Lancashire Blue

    These are not so much mind games as whining and trying to put in the officials mind that they should not give us any decisions. If he is so great he should just concentrate on his own team’s performance and leave the referees to do their job as best they can. There is one thing for sure, the Chelsea players will surround the officials at every decision that goes against them.