Video: Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge offers to give fans dance lessons

Posted by - March 14, 2014 - All News, Football videos, Liverpool, Oddballs

Daniel Sturridge is offering dance lessons to Liverpool fans because he thinks their terrible attempts at his goal celebration are making him look bad.

The in-form striker’s distinctive post-goal routine has become a familiar sight among Reds fans – but Sturridge thinks there is work to be done.

He told the BBC: “I’m going to give people a tutorial so they know how to do it as well, because a lot of people are really bad at it.

“Some people are really bad at it, and it makes me look bad.

“If someone does a dance that you created and they do it wrong, you look bad.”

The England international also revealed that he has a new celebration lined up for next season.

Let’s hope it’s the return of this beauty.