Photo: Liverpool’s Luis Suarez nicks a ball from a boy with Down syndrome

Posted by - April 7, 2014 - All News, Liverpool, Photos

This is a lovely story involving Luis Suarez.

The Liverpool striker took time out of his day to chat to this boy and his dad. The pair were initially enjoying a kickabout in the park with a Liverpool ball and thought some idiot had decided to ruin their game and steal the ball.

But they soon realised what was going on.

A relative of the family wrote on Reddit: “Initially he just ran over and took the ball off my cousin. My uncle (pictured) didn’t realise it was Suarez initially and thought it was just some annoying man.

“Luis was interacting with my cousin and letting him nutmeg him. Yes that’s right, my seven-year-old cousin has nutmegged Suarez.

“Obviously my uncle’s was mind blown once he realised it was Suarez and asked for the picture.

“Now my cousin, when he grows up, has a picture with one of the best Liverpool players to grace Anfield. So thanks Suarez. What a guy you are.”

  • PatrickTheRed

    Most footballers think they’re too good to talk to normal people. Well done Suarez.

  • jim

    the title of this article makes me sick!

  • offthepost

    Why? That’s what happened, according to the family’s account. “Initially he just ran over and took the ball off my cousin.”

    Of course, it’s deliberately written that way to make you think, ‘What’s he been up to now’ and set up the heart-warming story that follows.

  • Brij

    I agree with Jim. What a horrible title for the article! Poor blogging/journalism. Whatever you want to call it.

  • adetoye shina adex

    Well..It’s not so bad

  • ynwa636

    Yea, it kinda irked me at first, but I guarantee you the writer thought “hm, which title would get more hits, a story about Suarez obviously just being nice, or should I lure them in with a “what a dick Suarez is” title and then surprise them with a good deed” I bet more people read the story this way…