Sunderland’s Jozy Altidore responds to journalist’s critique during Everton game

Posted by - April 12, 2014 - All News, Sunderland, Twitter

When Sunderland Echo journalist Graeme Anderson decided to slate Jozy Altidore during today’s game against Everton, he very kindly tagged the USA striker to ensure he saw his appraisal.

Altidore wasn’t playing in the game, but Anderson wanted to emphasise how ineffective he had been recently in comparison to Connor Wickham.

At half-time, he wrote: “@ConnorWickham10 has contributed more in first half than @JozyAltidore has in his last three appearances.”

In a bit of an awkward exchange, Altidore responded.

He said: “That’s good. Happy to see him playing well.”

  • Andy Smith

    I’m not sure what’s awkward about this. Seems like a pretty rational, confident response. If anything is awkward it’s a reporter’s petulant behavior towards someone I assume he doesn’t know.

  • John

    Not sure what game he was watching Wickham did nothing.
    Class response by Altidore

  • offthepost

    We meant it was an awkward exchange (as you say, caused by the reporter), not that Altidore’s actions were awkward.

  • kingshirker

    Nothing awkward in the exchange. Nothing petulant about the reporter’s
    tweet. Nothing to suggest, as the senior man covering SAFC for a
    Sunderland newspaper, he doesn’t know Jozy, at least little.
    do realise some, especially in the US, see Jozy as beyond criticism –
    all the team’s fault, all the boss’s fault , different player when on
    USMNT duty etc – but I suspect Jozy himself does not see it entirely
    that way. I have occasionally defended him, and pointed to his
    non-scoring contributions, but it is extremely difficult to pretend he
    has overall had other than an appalling season (in an appalling side).
    Anderson was fully entitled to make his point, right or wrong; he has a
    duty to a large, loyal and long-suffering SAFC-supporting audience and
    also to the very nature of his trade. To say otherwise gets close to a
    denial of free speech. I agree, however, that Jozy’s response was
    classy. He seems a big man in more ways than physical stature.

  • Ron’l Lopez

    Nothing awkward just reporter trying to make news I have watched every Sunderland game and Conner has not done much it’s all Adam Johnson and Borrini plus Sunderland has way more problems than just one person.

  • kingshirker

    Not even that, Ron. I cannot see a single justification for reproaching the journalist (whom I have never met, incidentally). He made a valid comparison of two players competing for more or less the same position, one in which everyone has failed miserably this season.

    Now had Jozy been a shrinking violet whose sensibilities must at all times be protected, as opposed to a high-profile sportsman with 680,000 Twitter followers, maybe the reporter should have thought twice about tagging him. Sunderland Echo staff also tag him when tweeting about positive references to what he does (off the field, necessarily), as has been the case with this story:

    Please try to imagine what it feels like to be a supporter of this grand old football club, constantly let down by incompetent management and fabulously paid players. The last thing we need now is gloves-off, mollycoddling journalism from the local paper.

  • Andy Smith

    Maybe petulant is a bit strong of a word but it does seem a little childish of Anderson or at the very least, in poor taste. The reporter said it himself on twitter that he meant to commend the play of Wickham. If that is your goal, why do you need to bring someone else into this? I don’t understand giving someone accolades at the expense of someone else. But the worst part was him tweeting at him, so as to not only make sure he read it but possibly feel obligated to respond. It just seems a little fan-boyish and that the reporter in a moment of frustration, let the emotional supporter side take over the professional reporter. What was his goal to try to motivate Jozy like a psychological manager? What is he Jose Mourinho? No, he’s a reporter. He should stick to reporting instead of trying to manage a football club.

  • Andy Smith

    Also, I am an American but I find fault in Jozy’s form this season. He has been disappointing and I’m sure no one is more disappointed than he is. I started watching more Sunderland matches this season because of him and he hasn’t played well but as you pointed out, the entire team is a disappointment, barring, perhaps, Adam Johnson. The service to Altidore has left a lot to be desired. I hope he gets a chance and finishes strong and Sunderland get as many points as possible and save themselves from relegation. I still think they are a better side than Norwich and perhaps west brom.

  • kingshirker

    Good debate and I did reply, Andy, but it has inexplicably not appeared!