Samuel Eto’o brands Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho ‘a fool’

Posted by - May 15, 2014 - All News, Chelsea

Chelsea striker Samuel Eto’o has taken a parting shot at manager Jose Mourinho as he prepares to leave the club this summer.

The veteran striker is out of contract at the end of July and there has been no indication that talks over an extension are on the cards.

Currently preparing to play in the World Cup, the Cameroon international has once again been dealing with fallout of Mourinho’s caught-on-camera comments that Eto’o might be older than he claims.

He made it fairly apparent where Mourinho currently sits in his estimations – and took a pop at this Blues team-mates for good measure.

Eto’o said: “I am 33 years old. And it is not because a fool called me an old man that you must believe it.

“And you may have noticed that the old man was better than the youngsters.”

At the time, Mourinho suggested that Eto’o had taken his comments in good humour, with the striker celebrating a goal with an ‘old man’ celebration shortly afterwards.

But it appears he still holds a bit of a grudge.