Luis Suarez: ‘I cried when Liverpool sold me to Barcelona’

Posted by - October 20, 2014 - All News, Liverpool, Spain

Barcelona striker Luis Suarez has revealed he shed tears when his Liverpool exit was confirmed – but only because he thought his career was over.

The Uruguayan thought the Catalan giants would end their interest in him after his bite on Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup.

He says Barca’s vote of confidence caused him to cry.

He told Catalan newspaper Sport: “At first I didn’t want to see or hear from anybody, or anything. I hid myself away with my family, I reflected, I apologised and I felt liberated.

“That’s when the Barcelona contact began, and when my agent Pere Guardiola called to tell me the deal was done, I broke down in tears, because of the overwhelming situation I was going through, and to feel so supported by Barcelona.

“I felt so happy with the judgement call Barcelona made about me. I was scared that they’d pull out of signing me, because of the repercussions of the bite incident; I knew that could happen.”

In the same interview he says Liverpool helped him make his name, but did not shape him.

He said: “Liverpool gave me a name, but Ajax was my school. That’s where I learned the movements and techniques that a top forward needs.

“If I could retire at Barcelona, it would be the perfect career.”

  • Phil McIntyre

    Makes me want to puke. He will never get any better support and tolerance than he got from the staff and the supporters at Liverpool. One day he will realise it.

  • DAPred

    He probably cried tears of joy when Barca came knocking. I love Suarez for his contributions at Liverpool but we all know he wasn’t going to stay with us for the long run. Until we can prove that we can compete at the highest level against the biggest clubs in the world, then we’ll stand a chance of keeping hold of our world class stars. Next one would be Sterling. Let’s see if that lad will have any loyalty in his blood.

  • Michael

    I cried as well (LFC fan)

  • Paul

    He only ever saw LFC as a vehicle to move on to Spain … nothing more. His lack of loyalty to a club and fans who came to his defense time after time demonstrates the character that he is. To even infer that he didn`t develop at LFC is beyond belief.

  • E. Bagambe

    Thanks for your services at LFC! Surely without you we would have struggled fighting relegation! We are certainly struggling to get the goals that we took for granted last season!

  • dabee170892

    We are not struggling without Suarez but in fact without Sturridge

  • toby

    As much as I appreciate Suarez and what he has done to bring the club back to the CL when I read things articles like this I do get annoyed and angry. The support that the club and fans gave to him through all the incidents that happened. To say that Barcelona showed him support after they had already agreed that they would pursue him before the WC even began. World Class talent but poor judgement to say the least.