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Here’s some we prepared earlier:

Season Preview: Ruud Awakening

Episode 1: Up and Running

Episode 2: Wenger Worries

Episode 3: North London Looted

Episode 4: Feed The Yak

Episode 5: Manc Monopoly

Episode 6: Oh Fernando!

Episode 7: Smokey Jol

Episode 8: Lamps Revamped

Episode 9: An Idiot Abroad

Episode 10: Emile Beckenbauer

Episode 11: Why Always Me?

Episode 12: 5-3 RVP MVP

Episode 13: Fergie Stands Tall

Episode 14: Birthday Bonanza

Episode 15: League Of His Own

Episode 16: Yak Attack

Episode 17: Mario Balti-telli

Episode 18: Christmas Special

Episode 19: Boxing Day Bouts

Episode 20: The O’Neill Appeal

Episode 21: Swan-upmanship

Episode 22: Spurs Spurned

Episode 23: Deadline Daze

Episode 24: Chelsea Choke

Episode 25: Big Mick RIP

Episode 26: Wheeler Dealin’

Episode 27: Five Gunner Salute

Episode 28: Andre’s Very Brief

Episode 29: Haunted Hoops

Episode 30: Fernando Scorres

Episode 31: Anfield Crap

Episode 32: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Episode 33: Blue Gloom

Episode 34: Goal-Whine Technology

Episode 35: Shoddy Timing

Episode 36: One’s Kompany

Episode 37: Yaya Gloure

Episode 38: Noisy Neighbours

Episode 39: Oh Didier!

Euro 2012 specials

June 7th: Krakow Calling

June 12th: Job Done-tsk

June 16th: Swede ‘N’ Sour

June 21st: Rockin’ Blokhin

June 26th: Pen-oh-no Shootout

July 1st: Final Countdown

July 3rd: Torres-ntial Reign

Travel back in time with our 2010/11 season Podcasts.