Video: Jimmy Bullard mimics Phil Brown’s on-pitch team-talk in his goal celebration

Posted by - November 29, 2009 - Hull City, Oddballs

Comedy gold at Eastlands

Last time Hull City visited Manchester City, the match resulted in an embarrassing 5-1 defeat and an even more embarrassing on-pitch half-time talk from Hull manager Phil Brown
But the incident was the source of fun and games as Hull returned to Eastlands for their first visit since the half-time fiasco on Boxing Day last year. Goalscorer Jimmy Bullard took on the role of Brown for the hilarious celebration.

  • john

    ha ha ha. “hilarious”

  • design crazy

    Sheer genius. Very funny celebration. How did big Phil Brown react?

  • scw

    well clearly its not just jimmy bullard thats responsible for it, the fact that it happened as fast as it did after the goals is evidence that the team decided that if/when they score, whoever scores gets to play the role of Coach, and everyone else gets to sit and listen. jimmy just happened to score the goal, but of course it was pretty apt that it was him, the comic relief of the team. but i think it was all planned before hand, bc it happened so fast, and it happened so fast that most all of the tv camera operators didnt even have time to zoom out to catch it…

  • Matthew Bailey

    On MOTD both Brown and Bullard said they had been joking about the celebration at a group meal the night before – if they scored a winning or drawing goal, then whoever scored would play the role of Brown and the rest of the team would sit round. If you watch it from another angle some of the other players even act up, shaking their heads or arguing with Bullard.

    Brown said it was a laugh and all in good taste. I bet Bullard gets released in January.

  • Matthew Bailey