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Top five best Premier League kits 2010/11

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  • Colie

    I have to strongly disagree with both the Utd and Sunderland jerseys….both absolutely horrific…..the designers must of spent absolute days coming up with those designs….” I tell you what, how about a red shirt with our sponsors and logo on the front ” ….Genius why didin’t I come up with that….and ” How about Red and white stripes with logo and sponsors on the front “……That is so radical and different from last years…..please a two year old could of come up with better.

  • Neil

    Colie, would you consider it a better kit design if they decided to make the United HOME shirt flourescent yellow with pink flowers and polka-dots?

    Or would black and white be more suitable for Sunderland?

    They are both two very nice kits!

    I’d be inclined to campaign for Birmingham’s home kit as my favourite this season. It’s a very nice kit, especially for the manufacturer, who are making their Premier League debut this season!

  • bilby

    At least United kit appears to have done away with that horrible stripe up the back that has been there a few years. But I agree this kit’s nothing special.

  • Joe

    I respectfully disagree about the Arsenal kit. The yellow and brown color scheme is one rarely seen for very good reason. Also, it looks far worse on television than it does in this picture.

    The Spurs one is pretty nice, vaguely reminiscent of the England ’82 shirt??

  • neil

    Ya I would have to agree with Joe about the Arsenal one…. I’ve never like yellow kits anyway though!

  • Rob

    The Man Utd kit looks like the ones they wore in the late 70’s and 80’s, so it’s not really a kit you’d win trophies in.

  • Colie

    Neil you’re an idiot……all you have to do is look at the designs of the other Three shirts in the article…..all very well designed and actually shows some artistic merit from the designer….now look at Utds and Sunderlands…..hhhhmmmm same again please, absolutely nothing special whatsoever, simple as….and to try and claim they are in the top 5 jerseys of the PL is insulting.

  • Neil

    Insulting? You feel insulted by someone saying they are two of teh nicest kits in the league? It actually INSULTS you? Well you must be very easily offended then!

    With Sunderland’s jersey, there is more red on the sleves and they have introduced a collar instead of last years sort of round neck/v neck thing. A lot of detail has gone into the actual materials used in the jersey itself, as the tailored by umbro range this year are using different materials which are so comfortable and make for a beautiful kit. A good kit is more than just how it looks.

    A for United’s kit, how on earth is it exactly the same? Last year it had a black roundneck and a black v on the front of teh kit. This year they have a collar, which they haven’t had in 10 years, as well as modelling it on retro United kits from the past.

    I’m still laughing at your use of the word insulting…

  • Houdini

    It’s nice to see that blind folks can enjoy football too! And even write an article about the best looking prem kits!

    Are you shitting me? The new Tottenham home and Arsenal away kits are the ugliest most dire garments I have ever seen.

  • Rob Parker

    All opinions welcome, of course. Perhaps the near-cutting sarcasm could be accompanied with some suggestions of what should have replaced the “dire” kits in the top five?

  • Mr. Chopper

    No Liverpool love? I suppose we haven’t seen much of the away and third yet…

    I must say, the United home kit does look excellent on Berbatov. It’s bizarre how he seems to be the only player who really suits it. Now the away kit – that’s just shite. It looks like Fulham took a sex bath with Donald Trump.


    LOL isn’t this article supposed to be the top-5 worst kits????

  • Neil

    “”…..What are the five best so?

  • Colie

    Neil….aka Rob Parker…it seems you are the one feeling insulted……”What are the five best so ???”……The fact you’re claiming little subtle differences in jerseys….had a collar, was a v neck… collar last year, white collar this year….sorrrrryyyy….well as I said the designers must of spent absolute days on end deliberating over those changes……and if you’re looking for kits Fulham’s should be in there, either home or away, and Wolves away jersey looks tasty, but to try and change a collar and say that’s what makes a jersey….please…..a bit of imagination if you don’t mind.

  • Rob Parker

    Erm, not guilty. Think you’ll find Neil and I are not one and the same if you view a few other posts. He’s a regular commenter and is usual vocal if he doesn’t agree with something!