Video: Tiny ball boy picks fight with opposition goalkeeper

Posted by - September 24, 2010 - Football videos

What are you looking at?

Welcome to Belgium, where ball boys don’t just pick up the ball – they pick fights too. This tiny tearaway at lowly Lierse is so committed to his side’s attempt to hold mighty Anderlecht to a draw that he attempted to start on away goalkeeper Silvio Proto.

Since Proto is collecting the ball from behind his goal it is safe to assume that the ball boy might not be performing his duties effectively. The goalkeeper gets an earful of verbal as he jogs past the youngster. When Proto dares to do a double-take, the ball boy unleashes his finest “C’mon then!” body language.

OTP’s favourite bit is the ball boy being gently restrained by a steward at the end of the match. “Hold me back, hold me back!”

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  • bilby

    Spit on the ball before their long throw expert gets hold of it, kid!