Did Paul Konchesky’s mum call Liverpool fans ‘scouse scum’ on Facebook?

Posted by - December 17, 2010 - Liverpool, Oddballs

Cos that’s the way it looks

Doing the rounds at the moment is this screenshot of a Facebook status attributed to Carol Konchesky, mum of Liverpool left-back Paul.

The message, dated to the early hours of 14 November, makes some pretty unflattering comments about her offspring’s, erm, supporters.

Carol dismisses Reds supporters as “Liverpool scouse scum”. She also advises them to “stop living off the past” because “the team are shit”.

She signs off by saying that Konchesky should never had left Fulham. We suspect the “scouse scum” would be inclined to agree with her on the final point.

Thanks for the tip to OTP reader Dan O’Connor, who we suspect would be inclined to agree with Mrs K’s full appraisal.

  • http://www.thecacophonicsoundofawesomeness.com pablo

    if he was defensive as his mum we wouldn’t have a problem with him…

  • roger cannon

    carol hope you are sober these days,steve rigby you are correct when you say clueless,bring a average left full in and pay him top money,pool must be mad, has to better players than Paul in Sunday leagues,pup leagues who would love to play for pool,strange how money can act like a magnet forces people to ply their trade in SLUMS WITH DIRTY SCOUCERS,HOPE HE REMEMBERS THAT AS HE SWANS DOWN THE KINGS ROAD POCKETS BULDGING WITH DIRTY SCOUCERS MONEY

  • jond535

    Do 1 like your son.. You’re even more a disgrace than he is!!
    Yet you take the scouse money and run back to cockney scum land with it!!

    Seen better play at my sons school!!

  • sammytyrer

    silly women were you from….let me guess?The gutter or poland same thing get your son out of liverpool quick!