Muangthong United use a crazy free kick technique

Posted by - January 26, 2013 - Asia, Football videos, Oddballs

Sides are constantly looking for innovative ways to get an advantage over the opposition, whether through research, science or underhand tactics.

But this effort from Thai Premier League side Muangthong United comes under none of these categories, instead probably best filed under ‘Effort 10/10, Execution 3/10’.

In a game against South Korean side Gyeongnam, Macedonian forward Mario Durovski runs up as if to hit a free kick on goal, but then does a swan dive and falls to the flooe, where he proceeds to nudge the ball to the side with his head. In fairness to Durovski, the wall is stunned as to what has happened, and fails to charge down the shot.

Two points though:
1) This is the sort of ‘skill’ that can only be used once
2) There isn’t much point with all this innovation if your team mate then fires the ball straight at the first man

  • Boohoo

    Yeah cute. I can imagine some referees considering it unsporting behaviour and not allowing it, something akin to the way dummying a penalty kick is not allowed.