Video: Marseille’s Joey Barton doubts David Beckham will make an impact at PSG

Posted by - February 20, 2013 - Football videos, France

Adopted Frenchman Joey Barton doubts whether former England skipper David Beckham can have the same earth-shattering impact that he has had on Ligue 1.

The Marseille midfielder said that if Beckham did manage to play against his side for PSG he would probably not be the “main concern” for their defence.

Barton said: “Paris have a number of star players, you know, a number of big-name players that we all know about, they don’t need mentioning again at this press conference and, you know, as big as a star as (David) Beckham is off the pitch, you know he is one of the ones that realistically don’t put the fear of god into you anymore, you know, like he used to when he played in the Premier League.

“You know, no disrespect to him, you know, if he does manage to play for Paris, will not be probably be the main concern for us as a defensive unit.

“As I say Paris have got some wonderfully gifted players and I think, you know, it would be naive to focus that on David Beckham.”


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