Alleged Newcastle horse puncher Barry Rogerson insists he’s an animal lover

Posted by - April 17, 2013 - Newcastle United, Oddballs, Sunderland

The Newcastle fan alleged to have punched a horse following last weekend’s derby defeat to Sunderland insists he’s an animal lover.

Unemployed factory work Barry Rogerson, aged 45, from Morpeth, reeled off a list of pets and a penchant for feeding foxes in mitigation for his attack on a police horse.

He told the Daily Mail: “I reacted stupidly. I did not go out to attack a horse.

“I love animals – I’ve got three dogs, a fish pond out the back and I feed foxes across the road.”

Rogerson said the medication he takes for a lung condition and the five pints of beer he drank could have been the cause of his actions.

He also claimed he had not been aware of the riots and had a scarf pulled over his face to protect a tooth after a filling.

He explained: “We just came out of the Terrace Bar in St James’ Park, we turned right and I was right in the middle of it.

“This one particular horse was spooked by a firecracker and charged at me. That’s when I panicked and threw a punch at the horse.

“I tried to get him away from me with my left hand and then punched him with my right. It was sheer panic.

“It was an instant reaction. I’d like to apologise to the horse, to the mounted section and to the people of the North East.”

Rogerson posed for photographs with Candy, his 15-year-old alsatian cross.

  • Whyayemun

    The horse obviously started it. Maybe it butted his fists. All that on top of toothache – poor man. Reminds of the time I innocently went into a bank during a robbery wearing my balaclava and forgot i was still carrying my shotgun after clay pigeon shooting. No one believed me either.

  • Dave Bootcomesin

    I think hes telling the truth mun

  • RightThinking

    Mr Rogerson was receiving £55-a-week in disability living allowance and £50-a-week in incapacity benefit after quitting his factory job in 2005 with a disease of the auto-immune system.
    A scrounger of the state, should have walked away from truoble but you can clearly see he is watching it or taking part in it. BASTARD, would like to take his other teeth out.