Has Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers trained Daniel Sturridge’s stupid celebration out of him?

Posted by - August 19, 2013 - Liverpool


We all know that Liverpool boss David Brent-an Rodgers is full of little psychological pearls of wisdom. So, has he used some sort of Jedi mind-trick to stop Daniel Sturridge doing his ridiculous dancing goal celebration?

After his great long-range strike against Stoke at the weekend, the former Chelsea striker simply stood on the spot with his arms aloft for an uncharacteristically understated celebrated.

Cut to the touchline and who should be in exactly the same pose but the puppet-master himself.

There are only two possible explanations: voodoo or an interesting mirroring technique that Brendan has been reading up on recently.

  • edtheted

    Now why is his celebration stupid compared to any other goalscorer?

    It’s just your useless opinion – isn’t it?

    If someone scores a goal – especially at this level of football, they – in my view – are entitled to celebrate it how they see fit – as long as it’s not offensive or inciting.
    So why don’t you fuck off with your (silly) opinions – He can dance all day long if he keeps scoring like that. And the fact is he ‘DID’ celebrate his goal with his dance. If you were at the game you would have known that – The cameras simply missed it!!!

    Give it up!!!


    Useless article, if you were there you’d have seen that he did do the stupid celebration, he can do as often as he likes if he keeps scoring.