Chelsea new boy Willian likes chant claiming he hates Tottenham

Posted by - September 1, 2013 - Chelsea, Football videos, Tottenham

Recent Chelsea signing Willian has given his seal of approval to a new chant claiming he hates Tottenham.

The former Anzhi player used his Instagram account to like a video posted on the social networking site of the song being sung ahead of Friday’s Super Cup clash with Bayern Munich.

The Brazilian midfielder had been set to join Spurs after underdoing at a medical at the north London club, before changing his mind and joining the Blues instead.

That’s prompted a new chant for the 25-year-old, with the words:

The sh*ts from Spurs, They bought his flight, But Willian, he saw the light!

He got a call from Abramovich, And off he went to Stamford Bridge

He hates Tottenham! He hates Tottenham! He hates Tottenham! He hates Tottenham!

It would appear Willian approves of that sentiment.

Via 101GG

  • The best Side won !

    The pr*ck is a bullet well dodged for Spurs. I guess he can make some more songs up whilst warming the bench, maybe even the racist Terry could help him!! A good fit for the Chelski Chavs !

  • bulletdodger

    Chelsea pr*cks…LOL…He is damn too slow for Spurs! What a smart decoy for the superior Lamela,& Erikson!!

  • neil

    He came for Tottenham,
    But was a greedy money man,
    borrow tweezers from your mum,
    For those splinters in your bum

  • Daran Franco Baresi Smith

    lol Terry will be banging your wife before the season is out,and get your haircut you look like micheal jackson microphone pmsl :) we got 3 players for what you cost chelsea and everyone of them is better than you cant even make the brazil 1st team COYS

  • Daran Franco Baresi Smith

    PS BAYERN :)

  • John

    lol even more spice to add to the derby game. He’s got big gob and hasn’t played yet.

  • Michelle

    Does he have any idea of just how stupid and moronic it makes him out to all but Chelsea diehards?
    Obviously not!!!
    Nice to see none of our newcomers dropping to the AFC/CFC player level and talking about or agreeing with such rubbish.
    Sounds like for the right price he would give Linda Lovelace in her heyday some competition

  • Kent

    What a classic moran. According to the infamous situation he created just before he switched to chelski, it would be wise to shut his mouth.
    Be aware the new songs from the Yid army….those will not turn in to your favor…..Clown!

  • Willian

    It was Russian Money Laundering that was the real business
    One final lost and the season has only just begun for the Phoney one

  • Kiwispur

    What a fkn dickhead.I hope he introduces his mrs to John Terry.

  • Spurs fans are hilarious

    Bahahahahaha. All retards, what can I say….. Yeah you dodged a bullet guys bahahahahaha. Fuck sake, spurs fans are hilarious. Fucking hell ahahahahah. Carlsberg don’t do spurs fans but if the did they would be the thickest fans in the world. Yeah you definitely dodged a bullet….. #ridiculas


    One day he may realise that there’s more to being a footballer than just your skill.
    There’s also behaving like a decent human Being. In this regard Chelsea have a number of players who are severely retarded. So all in all this person will feel right at home.

  • the best team won !

    You call us retards ! Did you read your post ?

  • davspurs

    Onec again he feels comfortable with Stolen Mafia Money so he he will regret Mourinho not special hes lost is shine and he is the Dull One

  • jim

    typical scumbag.

  • jim

    yeah.COYS….microphone head mfucker…..

  • jim

    Hi Thicko himself…where were you when you were shit…..bending over for your uncle you fucking chav scumbag.

  • jim

    probably never even been to a game….get a life and go on your own website thicko.

  • jim

    hi Michelle …fancy a fuck ??

  • Samba_Spurs

    Of course he loves Chelsea. Who else is going to pay him 80k a week to sit on the bench. easy money for doing nothing.

  • JohnP

    Why do so many players behave like Mr Asbo from the “Bandit Country Council Estate” when they have just won the lottery.

    “Well you see it’s like this mate. I always ad class, and now I’ve got a few quid, I can prove it. Know what I mean pal. Now where’s the best place to buy a pink BMW for that slut I’m shagging”?

    You can take the boy out of the gutter, but you can’t take the gutter out of the boy. His talents clearly lie with his feet, and not with his brain.

  • Tanmay Tiwari

    You need a History lesson Mah Mate . . Check the number of Humling farks you Spud lot have had at our hands. That would be a Starter 😉 Now relax . . . and try some Tranquilizers 😉


    Not so sure about his talent lying with his feet either. He has always played in second rate leagues and been pretty sh@t for Chelski so far.

  • Lewie

    Don’t know what’s funnier – smashing you lot 4-0 to this song. Or all your bitter comments, pretending not to be bothered. You’re like a bloke getting binned by his bird then accusing her of having a fat arse. Poor old spuds.

  • Lewie

    Yeah he seems quite worried about your songs.

  • Lewie

    Yeah that’s working out well.

  • Lewie

    OMG 3 players! WHAT a difference they’re making (remind me again who they are, cause you bought a lot. And you’re still no fucking better off) But yeah you got the best deal.